Keiran McDonald, Senior Software Engineer

Keiran has a Bachelor of Information Technology from the University of Queensland, where he majored in software. His commercial experience began as a developer for one of Australia’s largest enterprise software companies. He quickly climbed the ranks to become the team leader of the technical framework team. Keiran was later inspired to make the switch to the exciting environmental sciences sector.

Keiran’s lifelong passion for programming has equipped him with wide range of technical skills. He is familiar with many programming languages but today focuses primarily on C# and JavaScript. Keiran is also skilled in technologies featured in both Unix and Windows based operating systems, and is often exploring new techniques and technologies outside of work. During his time in the enterprise software field he developed extensive front end development skills as well as practical experience with both Oracle and Microsoft SQL server platforms.

During his current tenure he has been primarily responsible for developing the software that calculates and reports emissions to the government.