TFSMail Add-in 2

My TFS Mail Add-in has been improved!


  • Added template instructions
    • Now you will know how to create new templates. The blank template command now includes instructions.
  • Menu appears in more places
    • Now you can right click on your currently-open work item document to get the same menu.
  • Specify where templates should be read from
    • Now you can specify where you want template files to be read from by editing the TFSMailTemplateDirectories.xml file.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Addressed an issue where clicking on templates in the query window would do nothing.
    • Addressed an issue where some templates that have fields that span multiple lines would not get substituted.

Incidentally, the add-in appears to work with Office 2010. One day I might get Visual Studio 2010 and be able to tell you if it works on that too.

My TFS Mail post still has the link for downloading the Add-in.